Bus monitoring system

Bus monitoring system includes monitoring of technical condition of fleet, tracking real route of buses, monitoring driving behavior, additionally, the system allows to plan maintenance based on actual condition of the equipment. Monitoring system for bus can significantly reduce fuel costs and operating costs by optimizing routes, preventing downtime and minimizing draining of fuel.

Monitoring system is suitable for city transport, inter-city buses, school buses, shuttle buses, airport buses etc.

Technoton’s solution for bus monitoring provides:

  • Passenger load monitoring by detecting axle load.
  • Notifications on dangerous driving – harsh braking, acceleration, turns, speeding.
  • Predictive maintenance – remote diagnostics of malfunctions of electronic control units and wear-out of mechanisms.
  • Direct fuel consumption and engine operation time monitoring – in total and by operation modes “Idling”, “Optimal”, “Overload”.
  • Precise measurement of remaining fuel in tank and fuel consumption, sending data to dashboard.
  • Notifications on fuel fill-up and measuring from tank.

Flexible configuration of the dispatcher panel

on computer, tablet or smartphone